Jean Binder



Professional life

In July 1997 I started to work as an independent consultant, initially established in Portugal but providing services to Belgium companies.

On the 6th June 2001 I moved to Belgium and - together with my wife Joyce - established "The Knowledge Binder SPRL" in Brussels.

The company - in its juridic form - lasted until December 2003, when it became a concept, consolidating our professional and academic career.

Partena group, Belgium

Programme Manager
I was responsible for a 3-years challenging programme to merge two companies while migrating all applications to new technologies and platforms. This job included hands-on mainframe system programming activities.

· Project Management (Migration of AGF/Assubel environment to Partena site, Implementation of OS/390 2.8, Implementation of Unix Services and Intranet)
· Planning, Installation, Customization, Maintenance and Support of Mainframe Operating Systems
· Hardware Configuration, Planning and Implementation
· Support and Planning of conversion from legacy applications
· On-site technical training
· Y2K Planning, Preparation and Validation
· Intranet configuration, Implementation and Design of web page

ITSC-E Anderlecht, Belgium

Project and team Manager
Besides project management my role was to ensure the team leadership during the transition periof of relocating the company from Belgium to Switzerland and England.

Project Manager - Responsible for all the projects related to the mainframe environments. Main projects:
. Transfer of the complete mainframe environments to another location. There were 15 persons participating in the activities and around 30 indirectly involved, from 3 different companies and 6 different countries.
. Transfer of the mainframe monitoring activities from the outsourcing company in Belgium to an internal team based in Switzerland. More than 20 persons were involved in the knowledge transfer, from 2 different companies and 2 different countries.
. Disaster Recovery Tests Coordination
. Mainframe Co-location study - including the European and North American Mainframe Data centers
· Technical and Financial Analysis - Service and software contracts, Service Level Agreements, Charge-back procedures.

Team Manager - The team was composed by 6 high-skilled independent consultants, responsible by providing mainframe services to 6 different European countries (Austria, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Switzerland).

Masters degree in e-commerce and e-business Project Management
Universities ISC Saint-Louis, Brussels - Belgium
(From September 2000 until July 2003)

. Professional presentation techniques (Jeeves, Belgium)

. OS/390 Performance Conference (IBM Orlando FL, October 99 - Speaker)

. Project Management (Computer Associates - Belgium, February 2001)

. Internet & Society 2020 (Belgium, March 2001)

. Learning for Business in the 21st Century (IBM Belgium, February 2001)

. e-business summit Benelux (BMC Belgium, May 2000)